Antenna Type  Cassegrain
 Number of RF outputs  1 or 3
 Standard Features  Auto-Skew, SIS, GPS, DVB-S2, USB updateable 
 Options  Static, 3 outputs
 LNB Type  Universal Twin or Quad
 Frequency Band  Ku Band
 Frequency Range  10,70 ~ 12,75 GHz
 Antenna Gain  32 dBi
 Min EIRP  48 dBW
 Polarization  H/V
 Motor Control  2 axis step motor
 Elevation Range  15° ~ 65°
 Azimuth Range  680°
 Elevation Speed  60° /sec.
 Azimuth Speed  60° /sec.
 Alignment Time  
 Controlbox Connection  Single Cable
 Storage Temperature  -30°C ~ +70°C
 Operating Temperature  -15°C ~ 50°C
 Power Supply  12 ~ 24V
 Equivalent Antenna  40 cm parabolic
 Controlbox (WxHxD)  26x18x5 cm
 Dimensions (LxWxH)  83x82x36 cm
 Weight  12,5 kg

MBA36 is the highest gain antenna providing uninterrupted
satellite TV reception for stationary (static) and in-motion applications.

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