Antenna Type  Offset Parabol
 Number of RF outputs  1 or 2
 Standard Features  SIS, DVB-S2, Auto-Park, USB updateable
 Options  2 outputs, Auto-Skew, GPS, SmartSearch
 LNB Type  Universal Single or Twin
 Frequency Band  Ku Band
 Frequency Range  10,70 ~ 12,75 GHz
 Antenna Gain  35,1 dBi
 Min EIRP  45 dBW
 Polarization  H/V
 Motor Control  2 axis DC motor
 Elevation Range  0° ~ 75°
 Azimuth Range  380°
 Elevation Speed  10° /sec.
 Azimuth Speed  20° /sec.
 Alignment Time  
 Controlbox Connection  Single Cable
 Storage Temperature  -30°C ~ +70°C
 Operating Temperature  -15°C ~ 50°C
 Power Supply  12 ~ 24V
 Dish Size (WxH)  63x67 cm
 Controlbox (WxHxD)  18x13x4 cm
 Dimensions (LxWxH)  87x66x19 cm
 Weight  12,1 kg

Stable and robust MTA65 and MTA80 antennas are designed for a wide range of applications. Their noncorrosive mechanism offers years of maintenance-free and trouble-free operation. Capable of receiving standard definition and high definition (HD) satellite channels.

Auto-skew feature can automatically control the LNB angle according to the selected satellite.

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